About ScratchTools

ScratchTools is a community-built Chrome and Firefox extension made for Scratch. It makes Scratching easier, through dozens of edits to the Scratch UI to make Scratch better than ever. Our group of developers, artists, brainstormers, beta testers, and press release managers all come from Scratch.

Top Features

Project Timer

Displays the amount of time (in seconds) that the project has been running for.

Custom Website Font

On the Scratch website, you can set the font to whatever font you want, as long as it is on the Google Fonts website. This is case-sensitive.

Collapse Blocks

Right-click block menus in the editor include a button that will let you collapse the selected block.


Download ScratchTools today so you can use it in your very own browser!

ScratchTools is available on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge!

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